Laser Pegs – The Ultimate Birthday Present for Boys & Girls

    NORTHFLEET, ENGLAND, April 14, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Your son and daughter just came home each with a birthday invitation to their best friends’ birthday party.

You’re tired of buying the standard kids birthday present involving super heroes, princesses and video games, but you would also like something suitable for both girls birthday or boys birthday parties.

The award-winning Laser Pegs[1] model construction kits make an ideal birthday present for girls and boys ages five and up.

What makes Laser Pegs fun is that each peg light up as a model is being built, or if a child prefers they can wait until their masterpiece is finished before turning the lights on. The low voltage current feeds from one piece to another, inadvertently teaching children about conventional current flow.

As well, the pegs can be used with other construction sets turning otherwise dark pieces a glow with an array of bright and fun colors! The buildings, bugs, animals, and creatures that can be built with each kit are endless and can be left to the imagination of the birthday girl or boy, or kids can follow the various model instructions available on

A quick look at the user-friendly reveal the many different types of models as well as the varying size of Laser Pegs kits available for purchase.

The kits are available to be purchased through the website or through leading toy stores nationwide, a complete list of which can also be found on the The kits will be the hit of every boys birthday and girls birthday party and may become your new trusted standby when it comes time to shop for any kids birthday.

You may even find yourself adding to a child’s preexisting Laser Pegs collection as a child gets older and wants to build more advanced models. This toy will grow with a child and will not only foster their imagination throughout the years, but also their ability to have fun without relying on a computer.

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